Johannus Church Organs

Organs for Your Church

  Whether you are looking for a small choir organ or a church organ with enough power to accompany congregational singing, Johannus has the perfect organ for any church or concert setting, with a surprising number of possibilities. When you buy a Johannus organ, you can be sure of a superior quality instrument in your church’s style.
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American Classic Series Organs

   From the heart of Europe to the hearts of organists worldwide, the Johannus American Classic stands majestically as the ultimate instrument for any player in virtually any situation.
   Churches and concert halls around the world continue to look to Johannus for musical support and inspiration through world class sound quality, unmatched console construction, technological innovation and leadership.
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Ecclesia Series Organs

​   The church organ that doesn't compromise. This is the Ecclesia. It began with a desire to create an organ powerful enough to support congregrational singing, and to provide the organist with all the tools necessary to meet any challenge and fulfill any need.   

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